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Proudly South African Coffee

Welcome to Mpenjati Coffee, where we produce some of the finest coffee beans in South Africa. Our coffee is sustainably grown and proudly South African, with a history of farming excellence that spans generations.  We sell our unique coffee blends to individuals and coffee shops across South Africa.



It all started with a coffee bean… Passionate about farming, the Kwazulu Natal, South Coast and, in particular, coffee! Mpenjati Coffee started with a timber farmer looking out over the Mpenjati River with a handful of coffee tree seeds and a dream.


Mpenjati Coffee's founders, Des and Leigh Wichmann's dream became a reality when the seeds were planted, the trees thrived and the result surpassed even their own expectations and the Mpenjati Coffee brand was born!

Today Mpenjati thrives as the largest coffee farm in South Africa, home to a Roastery, Coffee Shop and Farm Stall, they also conduct Coffee Process Tours and private events.


Every bean originates from the rolling coastal hills of Southern Kwazulu Natal. Where the Mpenjati River over millennia has carved a course to the Indian Ocean.  Hot humid summers and mild balmy winters are typical of the region.  Add to that the influence of the oceanic breeze and you have growing conditions almost as premium as our beans themselves. 


At Mpenjati Coffee we value the simple things that make a great product in order to produce outstanding premium single origin coffee.


Come and taste the difference that our passion and expertise make to every cup of Mpenjati Coffee.

Meet The Team

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